Calling All Richmond- Area Luxury Lovers

Do you like nice things like fine tailoring, buttery leather, luxury recliners, and premium bourbon? Does the thought of a custom Air Stream trailer make you giddy? AND, will you be anywhere near Richmond, VA on the evening of November 14th? Yes?? Then we have just the thing for you!

Our brand partner Universal Furniture is joining Moore & Giles, Alton Lane, and our dear, dear friend Elijah Craig to host a unique experience that brings together four of our favorite luxuries. Well, actually five if you count shopping. And ladies, don’t dismiss Alton Lane just because it’s classified as menswear. Made-to-measure means just that. Why should men get all the good stuff? Unleash your inner Garbo or Katherine Hepburn and consider treating yourself to a bespoke trouser suit or custom-fitted dress shirt. You can thank us later!

Sandy Hughes