Did You Know that the First Week In November Officially Kicks off Fire Pit Season in North America?

Probably not, because we just made it up, but we do know that consumer demand for outdoor fire features rises noticeably this exact time of year. And it has less to do with chillier temperatures than you think.

The real reason for November fire fascination involves two factors:

  1. Falling Back

Most of us in the Northwestern Hemisphere turn our clocks back to Eastern Daylight time on the first Sunday of November (North America) or the last Sunday in October (Western Europe and Britain). And following that, darkness will continue to come earlier each day between now and December 21, kicking our primal craving for firelight and twinkly lights into high gear.

Which brings us to….

2. The Holiday Season

Despite the wide diversity in how and when people celebrate and observe special or sacred days, most of us can agree that, in North America, the weeks between the last Thursday in November through January 1st have the highest concentration of extended family and social gatherings that center around food, traditions, and rituals.

So this darkest time of year is also the time span we’ve all pretty much agreed comprises “the Holiday Season” as we know it.

(Yes, Canada, we KNOW you already had your Thanksgiving on October 8th, which is adorable, but here in U.S. we prefer to cram our major family & travel holidays as close together as possible for maximum stress and exhaustion.)

It’s in our DNA to seek out the tribal fire that banishes the darkness of winter, and this is the time of year when we’re most likely to have our tribes around us, whether we want them there or not. Today’s fire pits are relatively inexpensive when you consider the bang for the buck: deep psychic satisfaction that also functions as a handy drinks table.

If you're designing an outdoor space and your client is indecisive or stalled with winter's approach, don't underestimate the power of this dramatic little focal point to spark a renewed enthusiasm for year-round outdoor living.

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Sandy Hughes