BDNY: Why We Love It

For hospitality interior designers, the Boutique Hospitality New York show is an annual must.  If you missed it last week, be sure to put next year's November 11-12  show dates on your 2018 calendar now. 

Why It’s Great 


~It efficiently packs a large number of hospitality-focused vendors into a relatively compact space and a comfortable 2-day timeframe that straddle s weekend and weekday.

 ~It's organized logically by product type and is extremely easy to navigate

~It's essentially speed dating for buyers & vendors—you can cover a lot of ground and make a lot of contacts in the space of a few hours

~It offers a top-notch array of educational CEU seminars exclusive events & opportunities for specialized niches 

~The Javitz venue knows how to host a trade show:  Check-in is friendly, quick, and efficient; and there are multiple high-quality grab & go food & beverage options (including 2 Starbucks!) and a bag/coat check outside the booth area.  It's a gorgeously designed space (that glass ceiling!) in the greatest city in the world in the great month of November.  Can't get much more perfect than that!

Takeaways and Tips 

Become a member of Steelyard to get the scoop on interior design industry events before you go.  (It's free and exclusive to interior design professionals!)  Here are a couple of tips we'll be sharing before next year's BDNY:

Sunday Morning Check-In


Be sure to pre-register online before you go to avoid a wait.  (Steelyard members:  we'll notify you when 2018 registration opens). The verification and badge printing process is well-staffed at the show opening so the line moves quickly! 

If you want to grab a Starbucks and/or check a coat or bag, lines are longer and slower for both so plan on 20-50 minutes lead time before getting into the actual BDNY area .  The good news is that the navigation once inside is so efficient and it’s Sunday morning so…don’t stress it if you don't get in there the second it opens—both the coffee and bag/coat check are worth it!

Exit Strategy

The show closes at 5 both days so if you’re not a fan of fighting for cabs, Ubers & Lyfts, scoot out early or stay a bit late, especially if there are vendors you missed or want to follow up with.  Closing time is great for some of those longer conversations you might not have a chance to have during the peak hours of the exhibition. 

Images via Instagram @bdny_fair


Sandy Hughes