Gary Pettitt Loves Volcanoes

Photos:  John Martorano Photography

Or, to be specific, Gary loves how high-gloss ceramic glazes interact with slab-cut volcanic rock.  He gets very enthusiastic about it, and anyone lucky enough to have attended the debut of his Etna collection and the LVMKT showroom ribbon-cutting can tell you that he's not wrong.  This collection is truly jaw-dropping and like nothing we've seen before.


We had quite the party at Seasonal Living last Tuesday; it followed  Exterior Design magazine's "The Business of Outdoor Design" panel with champagne, cake, and models parading trays of Steelyard nail polish.


All to introduce a gorgeously designed showroom and a stellar capsule collection.

The spanking-new Seasonal Living Café, located on the 4th floor of building C in the World Market Center, is bisected by a spectacular curving bar finished with--what else?  The "Oceanic Collision" volcanic finish.


The bespoke cake--commissioned by Gary-- was truly a work of art, and so perfectly mimicked the Etna finish that a few early visitors apparently thought it was part of the product display and felt the need run their fingers across it (to the extreme dismay of the baker/caterers!--but rest assured, things were quickly sanitized and patched up. Really! We all ate the cake with no concerns...)

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We completely sympathize with those cake-swipers--these Etna finishes are irresistibly tactile and they truly have to be seen to be believed.  Here's how Gary describes them:

Volcanic lava, born of fire and hewn from the earth, gives the Etna collection the dynamic natural beauty and strength of its namesake.  As versatile as its roots in Italian craftsmanship are deep, Etna is a true specifier's dream, given the breadth and depth of possibilities it offers.  Utterly weatherproof, able to withstand extreme heat and cold, incredibly hard, and blissfully carefree, Etna blurs the line between indoor and outdoor with handsome sophistication. 

Mediterranean artisans use techniques perfected over hundreds of years to hand-apply custom-created, high-gloss ceramic glazes to slab-cut volcanic rock. The handcrafted stone is baked at several hundred degrees to diamond-like solidity, prepared to be showcased as a bar top, shower stall - anything your imagination can dream up. Introduce Etna into a varied palette of colors, patterns, and textures to create a unified yet eclectic look. Cross-sell it with concrete and ceramic goods, as well as Sunbrella® products, teak furniture, accent lamps in similar hues and tones, and more. 

The Ocean Collision colorway evokes turquoise blues, liquid azure hues, and a sense of dappled light glinting off ocean waves.

Mine Shaft calls to mind Sicilian quarries, sandy beaches, and rocky cliffs in ivories, metallic earth browns, and touches of Jet. Hard balances gentle; light plays off dark. Etna is everything you desire when creating individualized works of functional art. 

If you don't know Seasonal Living, you need to,  and if you don't know Gary, you're in for a treat!

We can't wait to hear what he's cooking up for High Point Market...

Exterior Design magazine's Waynette Goodson captures the excitement of the ribbon-cutting party on video here, and you can see the entire  Seasonal Living product line here.

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