What Will You Embody in 2018?


It's a little bit funny that the word "emBODY" starts in the head.  Because it's much more a state of mind, a ruling feeling, an emotional manifestation that takes over as one's guiding force. With New Year 's resolutions aplenty, 9 interior designers stop for a moment to share their intentions for 2018.

Laura Thurman will embody GUMPTION.


For me this phrase means I will not not allow fear to snuff out my career goals or dreams. I'll posses gumption, tenacity and go after achieving them. Turning these once distant goals into my new reality!


Ashlina Kaposta will  be in A BLISSFUL FLOW


In the past I have always felt the need to have my hands in controlling how things work out, how things will go, what I need to do to get more bliss in my life. This year, I'm committed to staying in the flow with life. Whatever life brings, my only job will be to stay in my own personal bliss and allow life to do her thing.




As designers, so much of our business falls within the project management category. It's a critical component, but it can also inure to the detriment of our creativity. In the new year, I'm resolved to delegate more day-to-day project management tasks so that I can focus on making incredible things happen for my clients.




I will align (business) decision-making with who I want to work with and long-term goals. While we are blessed with predominantly ideal clients, I’ve taken on projects as favors and they end up costing more time and effort, blowing the risk-reward ratio! I am allowing myself to say 'NO' in 2018.


Bianca Lafleur will focus on GROWTH


Last year was the inception of our business which was a lot of birthing and babying. Now it’s all about growth, and how we can keep evolving as young professionals growing our brand and foot print in the design industry. We are recalibrating our mindset this year to focus on the areas that we want to improve on, by magnifying our goals and breaking through our flaws. We are excited for the new year and tackling new projects.




As I reflect back on my life to present day, and am acknowledged often for my zest for life, I can truly say this word best describes me in the fullest degree.  When it comes to interior design or operatic performances on stage, and most importantly loving the people in my life, I don't hold back. I wear my heart on my sleeve and expressions on my face speak volume that reveal the the essence of my true feelings and usually it's exuberance!


Keita Turner will be COURAGEOUS

In 2018 I will BE the embodiment of courage in both business and in life.  I will work past my fears and not be afraid to ask for help or admit when I don’t quite know how to do something.  I will move past the realm of my dreams to the reality of action, stepping forward and upward.  Never quitting.  

Christina Henck will embody MEANINGFUL


In 2018 I will be wholeheartedly committed to creating work that tells a meaningful story. It’s become my mission to create simple, effortless spaces that don’t fall short of telling a story.



Thoughtful is how I plan to be in 2018, elevating my awareness to a new level. With today's technologically we often react without thinking about our actions or the consequences our actions will have. In 2018, I am going to pause before I respond and try to react with love and compassion rather than in frustration or haste. I also plan to be more thoughtful in sending flowers, notes and reminders to those who perform even the smallest acts of kindness to me. I want to let others know that I am grateful for them and the bounty and joy they bring to my life and work. Bring on 2018!

Some designer statements have been edited for brevity.

Cover Photo: Frank Leyon.

Sandy Hughes