Start Listening to Interior Design Podcasts: Here's How


They’re abundant, almost always free, and they cover almost any and every topic in the universe.  Some are stories told in a limited number of episodes, others are ongoing programs with no end in sight.  You can access them anywhere and anytime.  They …

Oh wait, this is exactly what's turned you off to investigating podcasts in the first place, am I right?  So much general information but you’re still not really clear on exactly what they are.  Not because you’re unsophisticated or technically challenged, but because, frankly, you’ve had zero incentive to take the time to figure them out.  It’s not like you don’t have enough media to consume already, and adopting something new just doesn't feel worth the effort.  

Of course, I’m here to tell you that you’re missing out and that the modicum of effort (which really is minimal!) is completely worth opening up what is a gorgeous universe of information and entertainment into your earbuds via your fingertips.  (Including a handful of interior-design-focused shows that you really can’t afford to miss if you’re in this industry.)


Actually, not much.  I’m not going to start by explaining to you what a podcast technically is because it doesn't matter and just confuses the issue (and the creepy term “podcast” doesn’t help).  

I promise, once you download your first podcast you’ll see there's really nothing to "get" or know.

But if it helps, here are some potentially familiar ways to think about the technology:

  • Digital Radio

  • Audio Blog

  • Netflix for Your Ears

  • Audible magazines On Demand

I’m also going to assume you’ll listen to podcasts on your smartphone, although you can stream them from any internet device.  (To me the whole point is the portability of the audio broadcast, so I’m not going to complicate things by discussing all the ways to access them).


iPhone Users:

  1. You can use the native “Podcasts” app that comes with your phone.  

You’ll find that Podcasts are organized much like iTunes, except instead of an album it's a podcast title, and instead of songs there are episodes.  You can listen to individual episodes or subscribe to the podcast, which means every time there’s a new episode it will be downloaded onto your device.  (You can manage all that in the settings just like any other app).  Go to the search box to find design-industry shows like The Chaise Lounge, Million Dollar Decorating, and A Well-Designed Business.

Full disclosure:  Like most iOs products post-Steve Jobs, the native iPhone podcast app can be glitchy and frustrating, but it’s the path of least resistance if you’re new to podcasts, or just too lazy to explore other options. (Guilty!)  They do upgrade and improve the experience every now and then, so if it works for you, why bother with anything else?


But maybe you want a better experience.  Overall it's  pretty easy to figure out how other and newer apps work with just a few minutes of trial-and-error and poking-around.  When you're ready to up your podcast game, try  Overcast.

Or, go with my new personal favorite--because I love the abundant original content-- Stitcher.

Android Users:

If you want a free app (and why wouldn’t you?) the hands-down favorite is Podcast Addict.  Find it in Android Apps on Google Play. 

Basically, if you can figure out how to download and use the Uber app or Google Maps, you can figure out how to listen to a podcast, and you’ll be even more astounded that you ever lived without this fabulous content delivery medium.


In the future we’re going to be talking more about design-focused podcasts, and we want you to be part of the conversation, so get in there and get started!

Feedback, thoughts, rants?  Let us know what you're thinking. Drop us a line at

Sandy Hughes