Snooping on Snoops: Doing Miami with Ms. Mize


Jaye Anna Mize spends more than half the year on the road covering trade shows, cultural events, and art exhibits, collecting and interpreting visual stimuli and societal gestures along the way. I was fortunate to tag along with Jaye last month when she and her team covered Art Basel, Scope, Design Miami, and the spate of other must-see Miami art shows. Jaye goes through each show with a loose mental checklist, visually and mentally computing the intel between color, design mediums, materials, and applications. As VP of Creative for Home Interiors at Fashion Snoops, she connects the dots between cultural movements, consumer behavior, and product development and then provides her clients (manufacturers, retailers, etc) with decision making statistics and industry knowledge that inform smarter consumer products and offerings.

This year Jaye took 2572 photos during Miami Art Week. While she’ll share some of her discovery with Snoops’s subscriber clients, the majority of intel is reserved for consulting clients who seek her expertise and guidance for their specific consumer markets. Below, in her own words with the Fashion Snoops vernacular vocab thrown in, Jaye shares 5 of Miami art finds and explains the trend/cultural movement behind them.

Roots and Race were the highlight conversation in Miami. As we see the rise of the Black Lives Matter and the exploration of multi-ethnic lifestyles popping up among brands, it was no surprise that the art world is bringing this movement to the forefront, exposing the idiosyncrasies of cultures colliding in the modern day world. 


Golden Hues stood out as the key color takeaway. From warm silken tones to muted mustard, contemporary product design is bringing yellow back into the forefront as a luxury color for the season. 

The omnipresence of femininity and the women's movement were further confirmed, as we noticed an influx of female-driven artwork as well as artists using the female form as their subject matter.

Experimentation and abstract mediums come back after the past two years’ focus on political and storytelling pieces. Along with these contemporary pieces comes a rise in bold color pops. 

Technology is the newest medium being infused into the art world as creators experiment with light, movement, and color to project and depict expressionism. 

Sandy Hughes