Festive Attire: How Hospitality Dresses Up for the Holidays

Any business can throw up a few garlands and lights when December rolls around, but for hotels and restaurants in concentrated tourist markets, investing heavily in memorable and distinctive holiday decor can bring substantial returns.

The key is to have a percent of the overall design budget committed to a specific level of holiday decor year after year, which, of course, doesn't necessarily mean repeating the same thing.  But seasonal decor should definitely be a consideration in the overall hospitality design plan.

Some venues stick wisely and unwaveringly to age-old traditions, while others continually reinvent themselves with new themes and designs.  Some are elaborate and grand, while others are cozy and familiar.  But as long as the decorations fit the mood and intent of the space, and guests can rely on an authentic holiday experience, the reputation annuity will build year after year as people create traditions around visiting the place where they had that first magical drink, meal, or stay.

Special packages and seasonal events can sweeten the deal and keep everything running at peak and profitable capacity. Whether it's a hot new Times Square boutique hotel or a 200-year old London institution, these smartly attired venues get our vote for creating visually stunning spaces that bring guests flocking to their doors.

We would love to hear your thoughts on the role of holiday decor in hospitality design.  Or maybe you've visited a fabulous holiday-decorated venue we need to know about.  Either way drop us a line (or better yet, a pic!) at editorial@steelyardaccess.com

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Sandy Hughes