Behind the Brand: Phillips Collection

Phillips Collection has achieved legendary status for its instantly recognizable, organic/modern aesthetic,  with a string of design awards and industry accolades stretching back almost 20 years


The secret sauce that's made it all possible surely has much to do with the tight-knit family behind the brand who, for three generations (and counting!), has lived and breathed a global quest for beautiful and unusual materials and objects.  (See their story here).  Mark and Julie Phillips founded Phillips Collection in 1983 and have been joined by their adult children Jason and Jessica, who grew up immersed in the business and bring their own natural talents to this dream team of product design & development.


Above, clockwise from left:  The extended Phillips Family;  Mark, Jessica, and Jason Phillips;  the High Point plant;  Julie, Mark, and Jessica.

Anyone who's met any member of the Phillips clan knows that the phrase "every piece a conversation" is more than just a tagline.  Between 7 showrooms across the country,  their High Point plant,  and constant globetrotting in-between, they somehow manage to be graciously accessible to clients and partners at every opportunity. (We're still not sure how they do it!) Whether it's hosting one of their famous "Industry Mixers" at High Point and Las Vegas Markets, giving tours of their plant, or serving non-profit organizations like the Sustainable Furnishings Council and ART, you'll always find them chatting up friends both old and new, infecting everyone with their passion for what they do.

We recently caught up with Jason Phillips with some questions for Steelyard's fall HPMKT guide:

What is your earliest memory of HPMKT?

It feels like I grew up around the High Point Market—even being raised in NY, I would fly down with my parents who had just established Phillips Collection, and go to daycare during the month-long showroom setup. So my earliest memories are of me and my sister getting slightly tormented by the High Point kids for our strange New York accents!

What is the most challenging part of Market with all you have going on?

Aside from the obvious like planning events and showroom tours, it’s the delightfully unexpected meetings and walk-ins that challenge us. Simply because we want to make time for everyone and truly feel all of our clients are important—regardless of the big fish who walk in the door.

What is your favorite non-Phillips thing to do at Market?

The ART parties, although with our showroom events we are never able to attend bowling night! Also the after-hours parties and a seminar or two.

What is your favorite product that you will have in your showroom in October?

Angela Harris’ collection which we debuted in Vegas but will have in full-force at High Point Market. Angela Harris for Phillips Collection marks our entry into an entirely new category which is sofas and other seating collections.

What showrooms do you always make a point to visit?

Global Views and Left Bank Art. Such good vibes, design and friends in those showrooms.



Sandy Hughes