The Journey Toward Best Self

Good for you -- you're really excellent at taking care of your clients and their issues.

But, what about you?


Interior designer Lisa Escobar and I were on the phone recently. We spoke aboutt her interior design business, and then the conversation got more personal. Lisa shared some of her wellness practices with me; I was fascinated and a tad envious. I learned that the Las Vegas-based designer studied kinesiology and that her home is Feng Shui-appropriate. She drinks warm water with herbs first thing in the morning, gathering elixir ingredients at T&T Ginseng. Lisa also works out regularly with a trainer (above) and believes that Pilates has made her taller. Work is super hectic yet she schedules time for self. Lisa radiates from within.

Some folks are just better than others at carving out me-time, at finding the live-work balance or getting close enough to it. From hard-core training to gentler physical arts, meditation, and healthy eating, four interior designers and 1 savvy, svelte publicist, expert at doting on clients, share, in their own words, recipes for keeping strength, health and sanity amid the everyday craziness of the interior design business and life in general.


I've struggled with my weight all my life.  When I was younger, only when I looked in a mirror, did I realize just how obese I really was. As I got older, I could start to feel the wear and tear on my body, and wanted to make a BIG change before It was too late. So after trying every diet known to mankind and hiring multiple trainers to assist with no luck, I decided, upon my physicians recommendation, to attend a seminar on Gastric Sleeve surgery.  As I was busy worrying that people would think I took the easy way out, I realized my biggest problem was trying to make everyone around me happy.  This eye-opening experience told me: it was time I did something for me and stop worrying what everyone else thought.

In one year, I lost over 107 pounds (a mix of portion control and exercise) and just celebrated my 50th a new man.  I feel like I have a new lease on life and a bigger smile than I’ve ever had.  I wish I would have made this decision a long time ago, but I also realize that things happen at the right time and place in in your life.  I also made a big change in my design career, relocating it to Greenville, SC where I've also reconnected to my family and friends. My life was so out of control that I lost the person inside and didn’t even know who I was anymore. I’m not really there yet, but I’m well on my way to a new Kerry.

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With the hustle and bustle our business requires, we know we could never pull it all off effectively without some grounding moments throughout each week. For me that means, Qi Gong, a gentle form of exercise that helps improve health and overall well-being by cultivating the body's vital energy so that it can be used to heal and strengthen every system throughout the body. My husband Vinny and I enjoy practicing twice a week, in the dark of winter’s morning in front of the fireplace or in the summer’s warmth on our long brick driveway under the trees. In the off days, we also love to mediate for 5-10 minute increments via our Simple Habit app. Sometimes we might listen to an inspiring podcast before going to bed. Little practices, along with cooking at home, and visiting with friends and family help edge out the noise of daily life and keep us firmly grounded. 

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Fitness is such a big part of my life. It’s one of the only times I get to do for me. I work out 5  to 6 days a week, for up to two hours, conditioning my body and mind to take me through this journey of life that I dream about. It's an amazing release from the normal day to day, to focus on strengthening the body that moves me through this world and performs for others -- the clients, family and friends.  

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Once you have a serious injury you have to amend the types of exercise you do. Over the last year plus, I've been learning to embrace those limitations and work around them.  I used to do Ashtanga but when I tore my rotator cuff that ended my Ashtanga career. Now, after a year of healing, I am just returning to gentle yoga. I do it at my local JCC. Yoga gives me an overall feeling of calm and even joy -- not so great, however, during downward dog, which my doctor has told me to skip along with a few other movements.  I'm always interested in life work balance and ways to improve my lifestyle. For 2018, I am totally getting back to the mat.

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Some sentiments have been edited for grammar and brevity. Their essence, however, remains intact.

Sandy Hughes