Those Fabulous Chairs in Trad Home and Why Woven Rope is the New Wicker

If you (or a client) saw the story in the January/February 2019 issue of Traditional Home featuring a Dallas kitchen and fell in love with the dining chairs, you’re not alone. (You can see the digital version of the story here). This chair and its iterations are designer cult favorites on Steelyard, and it’s easy to see why.

In the print story's product details, the chairs are identified as "rope-back dining chairs by Orient Express", but if you want to find them on Steelyard today, just be aware that Orient Express is now  Essentials For Living (along with its former sister brand, Star International).

The particular rope-back chair appearing in the story is the Loom chair, and it’s only one of Essentials For Living’s growing line of very of-the-moment woven-rope pieces.

For anyone who’s paying attention, it’s clear that woven rope (and by rope we mean sturdy synthetics like Olefin) is replacing woven wicker as the hip/modern material for casual furnishings, both indoors and out. And why not? It’s versatile, durable, and delivers that handmade vibe that so many of us are seeking.

Sandy Hughes