Bath and lavatory installation images from our newest partner in tile, Crossville Inc., inspired us to recreate them with accessories and fixtures on Steelyard. Using our filters and keywords, it's easy to source the look your client wants from brands you can be confident will work with you to get it just right.
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The tile is Altered State White Hot. We all know that dressers can quite often be retrofitted as vanities at less cost than custom cabinetry, and on the Durham piece below we would definitely keep the sleek legs (and extra row of storage drawers!)




A feminine/European vibe makes us all feel grand and pampered, and that's why this look never truly goes out of style. We love the idea of MTI's clean-lined sink and tub being the perfect foil for the room's romantic touches.




Even with a rendering, it's easy to turn digital fantasy into reality when you can source everything from one place!



...that on Steelyard you can build and save an unlimited number of product folders? Items can be copied or moved so you can create as many as you need for every phase of your project, from moodboard presentation to final approval.



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