Fresh Color: Steelyard's New Polish Palette

At last year’s Spring High Point Market, Steelyard debuted its signature Nailed By Steelyard nail polish collection. And every market since, we’ve come up with new colors evocative of the season. This time we tried something a little different, and asked the Style Spotters to collaborate on a palette. The result is a handful of gorgeous shades that go from colors in the sunrise to fashion at the disco.


From a pool of over 200 colors, the Style Spotters each chose their three favorite hues, the colors pretty much plucked from their interior design work. From there, Steelyard picked one distinct color per designer -- something we could imagine on walls, sofas, ceilings and toes. Ishka Designs went for black; Michelle Jennings Wiebe for gold. Woodson & Rummerfield did a blush, while Parker Kennedy went for a warm custardy cream. CLOTH & KIND selected a soft, ethereal blue.

It is this color, FIRST LIGHT, that was being bottled when I visited Diamond Cosmetics last week. The team at Diamond, a 30-year old family-owned company in South Florida, packages our polish one color at a time freshly siphoning the formula from large vats into our custom imprinted bottles.

Once the polish is in the bottle, brushes are inserted, and inner and outer caps are screwed on. Bottles are secured with a few taps of a mallet before slipped into plastic sleeve and boxed.

By the middle of next week over 2,500 bottles will arrive in High Point. Designers can pick up their complimentary polish at The Steelyard Designer’s Lounge, at the Style Spotter breakfast on Tuesday April 25th, and at a few select partner showrooms. Additionally, two bonus shades will be distributed at Sunpan’s Saturday night Garden Party.