Casa Marrón: Artisan Details, Modern Pieces


It’s not an unusual story in the interior design world: a designer finds themselves commissioning custom pieces for clients project after project, because there is simply nothing available “off the shelf” that fits their vision or space requirements. They sketch out their ideas and have them fabricated by a custom manufacturer, workroom, or cabinet maker.

Then there’s the path that Jeannie Brown took, which was to start her own line from the ground up. For over 30 years, she’d been designing and fabricating unique, one of a kind pieces for her Diva Interiors Ltd. clients, first in San Diego and later in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Out of that experience grew a desire to provide the same resource for other interior designers who are looking for that perfect combination of clean, simple, geometric shapes and carved, textural details to create visually interesting and eclectic pieces of furniture.

And that’s how Casa Marrón was born over 12 years ago.

Spanish for Brown House, (get it?) Jeannie Brown’s line combines modern silhouettes and proportions with traditional motifs and carving techniques that draw on Spanish and New Mexican artistry.

But don’t mistake Casa Marrón’s pieces for historic reproductions of Spanish Colonial or its many revivals (of which there have been many). In the same way fashion designers apply couture techniques like embroidery or pleating to their latest runway creations, Jeannie applies traditional woodworking techniques and features to original pieces.

Carmen Bed and Maya Nightstand

Carmen Bed and Maya Nightstand

Maximo Dining Table

Maximo Dining Table

Aside from the obvious meticulous quality of the work, one of the best reasons to source Casa Marrón is that Jeannie is first and foremost a designer, and she thinks like a designer, not a showroom rep or manufacturer. She’ll produce a CAD drawing at no cost and walk through everything with you to make sure the piece you’re having made works for the space and the client. She knows that a successful design project is a function of eliminating as many unknowns as possible, so you can be sure that everything Casa Marrón touches will be “measured twice” in every sense of the word. And, of course, everything you see in her catalog can be configured to fit your own vision, from dimensions to decorative patterns.

Browse the Casa Marrón catalog on Steelyard now or contact Jeannie Brown directly at (505) 984-1146 or .

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