Art Appreciation: Fragile Protections


The Louça-Me Fragile Me Collection


Lúcio Carvalho has just added a new collection to his weirdly fabulous Louça-Me Series. Called the Fragile Me collection, it continues to build on his cast of fancy time-traveling astronauts. Combining skilled portraiture tropes and techniques of the old masters with smart bits of storm-trooper functionality, each piece manages to be whimsical, complex, and definitely a bit haunting. Which is a combination today’s art collectors can’t seem to get enough of!

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About The Louça-Me Series


Lúcio Carvalho's works are inspired by scenography as well as the Baroque, Rococo and Renaissance-era influences. They pull from emotion, memory and imaginary archives - fragments from the past, projections of the future. In Portuguese, louça means tableware, crockery or porcelain.

LOUÇA-ME is a symbiotic amalgam of the unusual - a mix of China porcelain, people, and "fragile protection" which takes the visual shape of a helmet.


More Louça-Me

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About Lúcio Carvalho

Lúcio was born in 1965 in Cambucí, a municipality of the state of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. He graduated in 1986 in Industrial design and drawing at the University of Rio de Janeiro. His work has been shown extensively in Brazil and internationally - in France, Belgium, Germany, USA, Italy, and Japan amongst others; at fairs, and in both solo and group exhibitions. Among the awards recognizing the quality and inherent excellence of his work are the winner of the Contemplating the Void: Interventions in the Guggenheim competition in 2010, and inclusion in the Modern Photographic Exhibition of Brazil created by the Photographic Society of Japan.