It's Here! New Ways To Collaborate on Steelyard


We’re excited to announce our new project collaboration tool. It’s the easy and efficient way to share and build project boards with team members which can then be shared with your clients.

It’s literally as simple as 1-2-3...



SEARCH thousands of products across more than 125 of your favorite brands and makers. Filter by product category, brand catalog, or individual product info. Looking for a blue chair from Vanguard, or a 96-inch contemporary console? We’ll find it for you!



PULL products into your project board. SHARE and work on it with your team. Everyone who collaborates sees each modification, suggestion or update.



SEND an email link to the project board to your client. They will be able to review, approve or request changes. You’ll see their selections in real time.


We think this is a game-changer, time-saver, happy-dance-inducer all in one.


Give it a try!

Sandy HughesComment