How to Steelyard: Be A Team Player!


Have you used our team collaboration feature yet? Oh, you really should.



● Share your project with everyone on your team or just one member

● See updates in real-time. Need to change the lighting? No problem. Everyone will see the most

recent versions.

● Stay up-to-date and in-the-know on every project

● Create design charrettes for your team so everyone has the same direction and vision

● Keep everything organized in project folders

● And, it’s free. Just like everything on Steelyard, designers pay nothing, nada, zippo. Create as

many folders as you want; save as many items as you want; share with as many team members

as you want. Free. Free. Free.

● It’s secure and private. You choose who sees each project. And, no one outside your firm can

see any of your work.

Simple. Efficient. Secure. Collaborative. Free.

Because at Steelyard, designers matter!

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Sandy HughesComment