3 Game-Changing Opportunities Every Interior Designer Should Know About


Finding the right resources to help you grow your design business to the next level can be a challenge, because —we’ll be honest—there are just a lot of great ones out there to choose from, and it’s not always clear which is best for where you are in your design career. But these are limited-time opportunities, so we want to make sure you don’t miss them if they’re right for you:

Advanced Design Business Training: GENIUS EXCHANGE, July 17-19, Providence RI

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If your firm is making $250K in revenue or more, you’re ready for the Gail Doby Genius Exchange.* Like similar summits in other sectors, this is where professional equals come together to learn and exchange proven practices and principles and new opportunities for scaling their success. After getting to know several previous Genius Exchange alumni, we can truly say that this is more than just a game-changer, it’s a life-changer!

(Not to that level yet? Gail can help you get there, too. Check out how here.)

Intermediate Digital Strategy: FZK FRANZISKA

Whether you already have a website for your design firm or are starting from scratch, building an online presence that truly reflects your brand and your work isn’t easy, even if you’re already digitally savvy. If you’re ready to get serious about your design business, Franziska’s agency can take your website from DIY/generic to something truly beautiful. (If you missed Franziska’s “Curbside Mentoring” tips on the Steelyard Trolley at Spring High Point Market, you can still book a free consultation with her online here.)

Follow Franziska on Instagram @fzk_franziska


All Design Levels: Spring 2020 VENETIAN MAKER EXPERIENCE with the Trim Queen

A Jana Platina Phipps Maker Tour is like Ferris Bueller’s description of Cameron’s father’s Ferrari: “It is so choice. If you have the means I highly recommend picking one up…” But unlike that doomed red Ferrari, this Italian opportunity is truly one-of-a-kind—a luxury cultural immersion that will educate your design eye and palate in ways that no other experience can. This is a highly coveted booking (this Fall’s trip sold out in one day) which is why we’re alerting you to contact Jana now at Jana@TrimQueen.com if you’re interested in signing up for the Spring 2020 tour before it’s announced on her site .

We can all experience Jana’s tours vicariously via her insanely popular insta feed, @trimqueen. And if you’re not yet subscribed to The Trim Queen Chronicles, check it out here and scroll to the bottom to sign up!


Do It Now!

If there’s one piece of advice we hear from successful designers over and over again, it’s some version of: Don’t go it alone - find experts and peers you can exchange ideas and experience with. No one person can know all of the tools and resources out there, and not knowing things that others in the field know can cost you. We’ve seen firsthand how coaches and consultants have propelled careers — the right guidance at the right time really can change your game— and your life.

We’ll be discussing this much more in future posts, and would like to learn more about what has worked—or not worked—for you.

If you have a story about how your interior design business has benefitted (or not) from coaching, consulting, or other professional outside help, we’d love to hear from you! You can comment below, email us at editorial@steelyardaccess.com, or message us on the Socials. Let us know what you think!

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