Bend Me, Shape Me, Any Way You Want To


The versatility that modular seating offers for hospitality and event design makes these pieces a no-brainer for outdoor spaces. They can be configured as banquettes along a wall, floated as cozy groupings, or endless combinations of the two.

The exceptions are the curved-back/ circular sets; but whatever is lost in versatility is regained with pure visual impact, especially if there’s a fire feature involved. And if you’re going circular, there almost certainly should be a fire feature involved!

Notable details we love include the fold-down canopy on Cassona Living’s Sitges sectional set, and the small ledges on the backs of both O.W. Lee’s award-winning Studio Sectional and Uwharrie Chair’s Chat Sectional. They’re perfect for large party events because standing guests can set their drink glasses down on them, which is a beautiful thing when surface space is at a premium.

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