I’m a one-person shop. Do I need to set up a Firm if it’s just me?

Yes. Because you can also share your project folders with your clients for approval, you definitely want to set up your firm. And who knows...maybe you'll expand your firm once you realize how much time we save you!

How do I set up or join a firm?

Screen Shot 2019-08-27 at 4.01.40 PM.png

Go to "My Studio" then "My Profile". If your firm is not listed in your profile, click "New Firm" and follow the instructions. You'll be able to search for an existing firm or create a new new one. If you have any trouble, we are one call or click away.

How do I leave a firm?

Go to "My Studio" then "My Profile". Click "Leave Firm" and follow the instructions. Then—to use Monopoly lingo—go back to start and set up your new firm! And if you don't have a new firm because you retired to a tropical locale and never want to do design again, good for you....enjoy!

How do others join my firm?

When a designer registers for Steelyard, they are asked to designate their firm. They will need to be approved (see below) but it's that easy. And if someone is already a Steelyard member and wants to join a firm, see how to join a firm above. Don't worry, Suzy from down the street can't just join your firm. We've got your back!

Who can make changes to my firm?

The firm admin has ultimate control over approving or rejecting members of the team. If you need help setting up the firm admin, let us know.